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In order to become a member of KAFE, your organization must be either a Korean university or a research institution. Further details can be found below, and please note that the terms of KAFE membership may be subject to change.


Identity Provider

  • KREONET communities and partner organizations of KISTI in the field of higher education and research institutes.
  • Additional higher education and research institutions may join KAFE by agreeing to the KAFE Federation Agreement.

Service Provider

  • Organizations satisfying the joining conditions of KAFE identity providers.
  • Cloud and web service providers whose service category pertains to education, research, and/or collaboration.

KAFE offers two levels of federations: Production Federation (PF) and Test Federation (TF). Under the TF environment, service providers and identity providers must test connections and confirm the functionality of their deployment. Once testing and verification are complete, they can transition to the PF environment.

How to join

With the exception of entities in eduGAIN, we do not accept identity providers located outside of our country. If you need an application form for the identity provider, please refer to the Korean page.

  1. Submit the application form and metadata of your service provider to
  2. Notification of completion of metadata registration
  3. Test operation
  4. Start federation

KAFE participants must ensure full compliance with the main body and technical profile of KAFE policy document. In case of discrepancy between the Korean and English versions, the Korean version shall prevail and be treated as the correct version.

Federation policy

As a general rule, KAFE updates its federation metadata files every 12 hours. These metadata files are valid for 7 days from the time of publication, so entities must renew their metadata at least once every 7 days. KAFE suggests that members download and refresh their federation metadata within 4 days or less for optimal performance.

Federation metadata

1. Metadata publication

2. Metadata signing certificate

Use the following commands to validate the KAFE certificate.

#> openssl x509 -in kafe-fed.crt -noout -fingerprint -sha1
SHA1 Fingerprint=E9:44:21:16:23:15:01:16:66:73:9C:ED:84:6D:28:F5:01:42:97:EA
#> openssl x509 -in kafe-fed.crt -noout -fingerprint -sha256
SHA256 Fingerprint=93:36:C1:7C:F7:61:AB:3C:41:81:63:AA:82:71:C6:6A:31:B2:D8:0A:E1:F1:0A:C0:7D:0F:8D:29:09:6D:03:59

Discovery Service



eduGAIN is a service that connects identity federations within the research and education sectors. KAFE has been a member of eduGAIN since 2016.


If you have any inquiries, please use the Q&A board or send an email to